Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Question: I would like to purchase a book from Loftus Health.  What is the process for doing this?

Answer: The process begins by clicking on the “Books” tab above.  This will provide a brief description of each available book, and a link to an online retailer website.  Books can be ordered through by CLICKING HERE or or going to one of the major online book retail services such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Question: Are e-books available?

Answer: e-Books are now available through the major online book retail services such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  Click on the “Books” tab for more information.

Question: What is the typical delivery time for print editions of the books?

Answer: Delivery times will vary based on the online book retail service.  For example, Lulu is a company that provides books in a print-on-demand manner.  You can choose the delivery type during this process.  The choices listed for Lulu are:

  1. Mail: 2 – 7 business days after printing
  2. Ground: 2 – 5 business days after printing
  3. Expedited: 2 business days after printing
  4. Express: 1 business day after printing

Question: How long does it take to print a book from Lulu?

Answer: Each book prints in 2 – 5 business days.

Question: Are the books really available for FREE?

Answer: Yes.  They are each available as a PDF version and therefore have all the limitations that come with a PDF.  Did I mention, they are FREE?

Question: What are Start-Up Kits and how are they used?

Answer: Start-Up Kits contain ready-made documents that are used for starting your program.  A “Read Me First” documents comes with the Start-Up Kit, and explains how each of the documents can be used to increase the likelihood of you program’s success.

Question: How can I obtain a Start-up Kit?

Answer:  Start-up Kits can be downloaded for free from this website and can be found under the “Start-up Kits” tab at the top.  Start with the “Read Me First” document to see what other documents you may need.  Each document must be downloaded individually.

Question: What exactly are the Seven Pillars?

Answer: The Seven Pillars refers to the idea that there are seven core elements of successful programs.  The presence of the core elements increases the likelihood for success of your program, compared to when they are not all present.  Integrating these seven elements, therefore, improves the odds of a successful program implementation.  To remember the seven elements, use the mnemonic: SPECIAL PI.  This stands for:

  • Seven Pillars
  • Purpose
  • Engagement
  • Communication
  • Infrastructure
  • Accountability
  • Leadership
  • Performance Improvement.

Question: Each book is part of the Seven Pillars series. Do parts of one book repeat in the other books?

Answer: Yes, sections that describe the Seven Pillars Model repeat word for word in other books in the series.  Each book appeals to a specific audience in mind, based on the subject matter of the program.  Pick a book in the series based on the program you are developing.  Once you’ve gained the experience of implementing a program with one of the books in the Seven Pillars series, then you should be able to apply the concept to the development of other programs.  You can always come back later to purchase additional books (or download it for FREE), if you feel you need more specific advice for those individual programs.

Question: What other types of services do you provide?

Answer:  Dr. Loftus is available for speaking engagements.  You can request additional information regarding this service by contacting him directly through email at

Question: Are there any areas where you will not provide consultative services?

Answer: Yes.  This is not a service for individuals or groups seeking medical advice.  Anyone seeking medical advice should contact your local healthcare referral listings for licensed physicians or providers in your area.  In addition, we do not provide consultations for peer review and medical malpractice cases.