Loftus Health

Our Approach

Loftus Health is committed to the educational support needed for successfully implementing programs that improve the delivery of healthcare. Our experience and research demonstrates hospital programs with worse outcomes are poorly structured, compared to hospital’s with highly structured programs.  Loftus Health provides healthcare leaders with the educational materials needed to develop, implement and sustain successful programs in Robotics, Value Analysis and Clinical Practice.

Our Programs

Loftus Health offers three programs designed to improve performance.  The programs we offer are: The Robotics Program, The Value Analysis Program & The Clinical Practice Program.  Each program consists of a book and a start-up kit.  Each book builds on the Seven Pillar’s Model.  The Seven Pillar’s Model is the observation that successful programs are differentiated from unsuccessful programs by the presence of seven fundamental elements that drive success.  The seven elements are: Purpose, Engagement, Communication, Infrastructure, Accountability, Leadership and Performance Improvement.  Each book describes how to integrate these seven elements in the development of a successful program.  Start-up kits are also available.  Each kit contains documents and supporting material for getting your program up and running.

Healthcare Professionals