How a Start-up Can Be the Shortcut to Your Dream Job

Recently I left a great job to start-up my own company.  The most common question I’ve heard since leaving is, “WHY!!!”.  It’s difficult for most people to understand.  Simply put, it is because I’ve dreamed of doing this for years.  The start-up is my dream job.  I wanted to work for a business plan I created, not necessarily one someone else created.  It is, no doubt, filled with risk and certainly the kind of risk I am willing to take.  I realized that someday I will be retired, and I didn’t want to look back on my life and wonder, “What if?”  I knew I could not, not do this.

The name of my business is Loftus Health.  It is a healthcare consulting company; the details of which are still being developed on a day-to-day, if not, hour-to-hour basis.  (The current iteration is available at Putting the Loftus name into the company name was purposeful on my part.  This is a company I want to work for and want to see succeed.  There are constant challenges and the learning curve is steep.  Exactly where it will take me is unknown and somehow I’ve accepted this insight.  In many ways, I am inspired by it.  It can become just about anything I want it to become.  I don’t know about you, but I think that is a pretty cool thought.


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