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Loftus Health provides educational materials and support for healthcare system based programs.  There are three programs with four levels of support.  The three programs are: The Robotics Program, The Value Analysis Program and The Clinical Practice Program.  The first level of support for each program is a book.  In each book, Dr. Terry Loftus describes his personal journey working with each type of program in a large healthcare system.  Each book support embraces the concept that seven essential elements exist which distinguish successful programs from unsuccessful programs.  This is the The Seven Pillars concept and is the common theme in all of the programs described in the books.

The next support level is a series of Start-up Kits.  Comprising each kit are documents most commonly used when initiating a program.  All of the documents are used in getting your program up and running in the early phase.  Along with this are two more levels of support.  Dr. Terry Loftus is available for speaking engagements and for consultation.  Click on the program you would like to learn about below.

The Robotics Program

The Value Analysis Program

The Clinical Practice Program

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