The Robotics Program

Introduction: The Robotics Program

The Robotics Program assists healthcare leaders develop and implement a successful program.  It begins with the book, The Robotics Program: A How-to-Guide for Physician Leaders on Starting Up a Successful Program. This book discusses the concept that successful programs can be differentiated from unsuccessful programs by seven core elements. Dr. Loftus describes his personal journey as a physician executive in developing a surgical robotics program for a large healthcare system. He demonstrates how to incorporate the seven core elements in the development, implementation and sustainability of a robotics program. The book is available in a print edition and as an e-book.

In addition, a Robotics Program Start-Up Kit is available separately.  Start-Up Kits provide sample material of the most common documents needed for implementing a program.  This includes template which you customize for the specific needs of your program.  A program assessment tool is also provided. This tool can determine how structured your program is, and where it needs improvement.

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