Start-Up Kits

Our Start-Up Kits


The start-up kits include ten documents that will assist you in your efforts in developing and implementing a successful program. A Read Me First document provides a description of each document, along with how to use the document during the start-up of your program.

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Program Start-Up Kits

The Robotics Program Start-Up Kit

The Value Analysis Program Start-Up Kit

The Clinical Practice Program Start-Up Kit

The documents included with each kit are:

  • Assessment

    • This is a program assessment tool. It is an assessment form which determines how structured your program is, and which parts of your program are in need of further development.
  • Meeting Checklist

    • This is the meeting checklist you will use to set up your first three meetings. It is designed to make sure you develop good habits in meeting preparation.
  • Agenda

    • This is a template you can use for your committee meetings. Is is designed to include the elements described in the Meeting Checklist (#2).
  • Presentation

    • This is a PowerPoint presentation that describes the Seven Pillars as they apply to your program. This presentation provides an overview of what your committee will focus on in the early phase of the program’s development.
  • Dashboard

    • This example of a dashboard is also used as a template for your program’s dashboard. It includes tabs for goals, actions plans, results, charts, assessment and recommendations.
  • Minutes

    • This is a sample document that you can use to record your committee minutes. Just like the Agenda document, it has the elements you will need to create consistent meeting notes. It is customizable to meet the needs of your committee.
  • Newsletter

    • This is a document that you can use as a template for your newsletter. Newsletters are great ways to distribute information and communicate what your program is doing for your hospital or healthcare system.
  • Issue Journal

    • This is a document that describes scenarios you may encounter while starting up your program. It is by no means all-inclusive of the types of issues you will experience. The goal is for you to create a journal of your experiences as the program develops.
  • Ten Rules for Engagement

    • This document describes the Ten Rules for Physician Engagement for Healthcare Leaders. It establishes an approach for engaging, not just physicians, but all of your stakeholders.
  • Ten Steps to Best Practice

    • This document describes one way to approach performance improvement. It is a step-by-step method for achieving clinical practice improvement.